Living in South-East London, with stunning sites like Tower Bridge, More London, and the Southbank all with in walking distance. I have always been one to wonder around, with my headphones in, just watching the world go by.

My Dad was always into photography and still is now. We would often go for strolls together and he would snap a shot of me at certain places each passing year creating memories, some embarrassing lol, he always had a camera or video camera in hand!

When I was 18 working part time in a sports centre I met a football team of photographers and after chatting to one who had just been on tour with the Spice Girls I was opened up to a whole new world of the Media. After gaining a weeks work experience in the photography agency he worked for, I was then offered a full time job.

Since then I have never looked back! I purchased my first camera, and with tips and hints from my Dad and the agency, I started to walk and simply…. snap. I decided to enrol in two evening courses to gain some more knowledge of the cameras and settings. It was around this time I was asked to take pictures of my friends daughter, in which the idea of canvas printing came, and thanks to my wonderful parents, we purchased our own printer and my Dad became in charge of making the frames and stretching the canvas once I printed them. After a few child photoshoots, I was then talked in to accepting an invitation to shoot one of my oldest friends weddings, the pressure was unreal, however the pictures were a success!

Now I am at a point where I love Photography as a hobby, shooting landscapes and everyday sightings, but I also still enjoy the odd photoshoot and party! Sooooo… I have decided to up my game and offer print options direct from my website as well as any picture requests you would like me to try my hand to!

Heres to the next step and a bright and smiley future!

All the best! Georgie xx